Out of State Transfers:

Castle Armory welcomes your firearms transfers from out of state. We would like the opportunity to help you find the firearms you are looking for at our completive prices, but if you have purchased a firearm from an online dealer and are looking for an FFL to facilitate the transfer in New Hampshire we would be happy to help. Please read the following information below.

Handgun Transfer Fee: $25.00
Long Gun Transfer Fee: $25.00
NCIs Check Fee: $25.00 (Private Party Transfers)

  • Please contact Castle Armory to initiate your firearm transfer. You can intitate the process by emailing us info@castlearmroynh.com . Even if the dealer has our FFL on file, we require every customer to contact the store prior to their firearm arriving.
  • Once a copy of our FFL is sent to the seller, we have fulfilled our obligations as the dealer, until your firearm arrives. If you have any firearm related questions regarding your purchase, please contact the seller.
  • Castle Armory does not receive firearms from individuals, all firearm(s) must be sent from an FFL.
  • If your package is delivered and signed for, please allow 24 hours for us to receive your firearm. Once we contact you, come into the shop to initiate your paperwork.
  • It is your responsibility as the buyer to ensure the handgun you are purchasing is able to be transferred to you legally. If you have a firearm shipped to Castle Armory that is not able to be transferred to you legally because you are not legally able to purchase a firearm, the FFL fee you paid of $30.00 will be applied to receiving this firearm, whether it is delivered to you or not. If the firearm needs to be returned to the seller, a $50.00 fee will be incurred to ship your firearm back. That does NOT include the cost of shipping the actual firearm. If you choose to have another firearm sent to replace the initial firearm purchased, the fee is $50.00.